Damanhur Magical Experience Journey


July 23 - 29 2018

Listen to the interview of May 6 with Gnomo from Damanhur

Have you ever heard of Damanhur? A magical place where hundreds of people form their lives with their dreams. A life based on mutual respect and love? A place where spirituality is interwoven in daily life and where the spiritual path is one of the most important things in life? Where social structures are very important?
It sounds like a fairy tale and it really exists! When I first arrived in Damanhur, I did not want to go anymore. What a special place and special people!They have 14 kilometers of spirals, work with strong energy through copper wire and make life a game of life. They live in houses of about 20 people as large families with joint care for the children.

Damanhur is a great example of how you can live  self-sufficiently for a large part. They have many businesses in various areas such as cheese making, fabric weaving and dyeing, publishing books, giving workshops, training and seminars, all kinds of health, well-being, arts.

There is art verywhere it's an essential part of the lives of people in Damanhur, whether you are singing, making music, painting or carving, it is about the expression of the soul.
Damanhur is also famous for the imposing, underground structure: the Temples of Humankind. Breathtakingly beautiful. The energy in these temples is super powerful. How would you like to meditate there?

The surrounding area is also beautiful with many forests, a river, waterfalls. You will find very special places.

Damanhur is also busy with the music of the plants, a synthesizer is linked to a plant that can transfer the sounds the plant makes.

Do you also want to visit this special community and not only as a tourist but a bit more behind the scenes? Do you want to expierence the community on a deeper level? Then join this inspiring and magical journey. It touches the hearts of almost everyone!


What will we do? 

  • see and experience the Damanhur area, including many spirals and labyrinths and menhirs
  • Work with the elements water, earth, air and fire
  • Experiencing the temples in a profound way
  • Experience the special music of the plants
  • Learn a lot about the life of Damanhurians
  • Conversations with Damanhurians
  • Eat in different communities
  • Full moon oracle
  • Prepare for full moon oracle with meditation in the Temples
  • Visit different communities (houses) where Damanhurians live
  • Meditation
  • Inner harmonising 

An unforgettable trip! 


Please note that here can be slight differences in the program. 

Monday, July 23 rd – ARRIVAL 

  • Transfer from Turin Airport or arrive with public transport or car
    Please book flights to arrive by 3:00PM (the latest, can be adjusted to earlier pending everyones' arriving flights). Costs are €65,- per trip per person. It gets cheaper with more people signing up for the trip.
    You can also come by car or by train form Turin or Milan and being picked up from Ivrea,, close to Damanhur. Pick up from ivrea is €30,- p.p.. Or take a bus.

  • 5.45pm Orientation tour in the central area of Damanhur

  • 7 pm Dinner and focus on the next days



  • 9am – 6.30pm: guided visit to the central area of the Federation, called Damjl, questions and answers on Damanhur’s philosophy, art and social structure. Visit of the Temples of Humankind.

  • 1pm – 2pm Lunch break in Crea center
    Have organic lunch buffet (€10,-) or buy your lunch in the organic store 

  • 2pm Visit to the research & art centre ‘Damanhur crea’, the art studios and activities. 3pm Experience the Sacred Wood  5pm The Temples of Humankind in silence. 


  • 9 - 9.45am Inner harmonising and sharing opportunities

  • 10am - 5.30pmThe Sacred Woods Temple—located on about 124 acres (50 hectares) above the Temples of Humankind—is one of the most magical places on earth to make contact with the plant world and nature spirits. In fact, it is where three Mother Worlds converge: the plant world, spirits of nature and, of course, humans and animals. The honouring and strengthening of these three worlds is crucial at this moment in our human history and you will discover why on this full-day guided tour. On the surface, the Sacred Woods Temple is an enchanted forest lush with plant life. Simply walking along its sprawling, nut-scattered pathways is enough to settle you into a state of tranquility and wonder. In this primitive place, the gifts of nature awaken all the senses: the pulp-scented air, the lilt of birdsong, crunchy twigs and feathery moss under foot, majestic trees standing at attention.
    Lunch included in the day program.


  • Morning: Free time

  • 1.30pm Inner harmonising and sharing opportunities

  • 3 – 4.30 pm Guided Meditation in one of the Halls of the Temples. Before the Meditation, in your free time you are welcome to walk the stone Spiral in Damjl to prepare for your Meditation.

  • (Optional) 6.30pm or 9pm Pizza at Damjl community, central area of Damanhur (contribution is €12,50). 

  • (Optional) 7.30 pm (one and a half hours long) Q&A meeting with the community. It will be at Damanhur Crea, Olivetti conference hall, our well being, art and research centre (Contribution is €5,-)

  • Evening around 8.30 – 10.30pm The Rite of the Oracle. Participation to the Rite of the Oracle at the Open Temple. Since 1985, the members of the Way of the Oracle work in deep and dedicated ritual to bring forth messages from the Divine Forces. The Damanhurian Oracle is not a person, but a group of Forces which includes all the Oracles of ancient times. Integrated with the new Forces of the third millennium, they speak with a united voice and serve to guide humanity. The Forces of the Oracle interact with the branches of time - moving events to create the conditions for our continual spiritual evolution. They provide answers and direction to those who are ready to Ask. The Rite of the Oracle is one of the most important ceremonies at Damanhur. 


  • 10 - 12am Meeting with one of our Dutch Damanhur Ambassadors for questions and answers about whatever you want to know. 

  • 3 - 6pm Introduction to Spiritual Physics: learning more about Damanhurian philosophy, our spiritual and social model. Talking about cosmogony, the birth of our universe ect..

  • 6pm Communal meeting with one of the founders of Damanhur. Questions and answers on our way of living.

  • (optional) after 7pm It’s possible to have a PRANO SELFICA healing session. ‘PRANO SELFICA’ is a prana session amplified by the Selfica structure present in the studio. The energies you will contact are intelligent energies that you can direct through your will where you feel the best. The ‘Prano selfica’ is harmonizing your physical and subtle bodies (50 Euro per person). 


10-13pm  In this visit, you will be taken to one of our two biggest territories, Tentyris or Prima Stalla, based on availability and weather.

  • The Tentyris region, in particular, is not only a beautiful and peaceful mountainous area, but was also once sacred to ancient Celtic settlements. About a 30-minute car ride from the Welcome Office area, Tentyris was the first expansion of Damanhur into a new region when the original community population began to grow, calling forth new frontiers. This sense of sacredness and the pioneering spirit of creation and innovation are still present in Tentyris, which includes two nucleo communities: 
  • Magilla's primary intention is to explore renewable, sustainable and alternative energy, with experimentation in photovoltaic, solar thermal and wind technologies. 
  • Dendera is one of the most international nucleos. Its mission is to serve as a point of connection with ecovillages and other community projects of the world, as well as a window into life at Damanhur. It regularly welcomes media, filmmakers and journalists.

    On the tour of Tentyris, you can observe experiments in natural and ecological building techniques, a series of water retention lakes, organic gardens, greenhouses, compost and compost toilet systems, art integrated into the buildings and environment, and sacred ritual spaces, including altars to honor the elements of air, fire, earth and water.

    Porta de la Terra, a nucleo community located in Cuceglio, about 10 km from the central zone of Damanhur, is in charge of food self-sufficiency for the entire Damanhur Federation of Communities. 

  • 3pm-6pm Integrating, sharing our experiences and closing ritual


  • Transfer to Turin Airport. Departures on this day will be combined to save expenses. Costs are €65,- per trip per person. It gets cheaper with more people signing up for the trip.


  • Attend the SoulCollage® workshop from 10-13pm and 3-6pm to integrate your experience with special exercises, card making and card reading. No experience needed and also suitable for people with experience. Costs €65,-, including materials.

Minimum amount op people for the program: 5 


Costs program

This program is €799,- for early birds. Booking and payment needs to be done before May 23 2018. After this date the price is €899,-.

What is included: 

  • The whole program, including teachers (except for the things mentioned above which are optional)
  • Transport during the program 
  • One lunch
  • Sharing opportunities
  • Inner harmonising
  • Guidance of Lucy Schaaphok


What is Not Included: 

  • Meals and drinks (except for one lunch) 
  • Nights
  • transport to and from Damanhur 
  • Healing, massages, readings


Costs nights 

  • The nights in the guesthouse in Damanhur (basic but good rooms) cost € 28, - euro per night for a double room, € 45, - for a single room. To be paid in Damanhur upon arrival. I can book this for you. You share the bathroom, but there are several bathrooms to choose from, most of the time there is one free when you need it. If you wish a single room, please book early, there are not many rooms available.

  • It is also possible to book a local 4 star hotel at the special price of 55 Euro per night for a single room, and 35 Euro per night per person for a double room-private bathrooms (breakfast not included). Hotel website: http://www.hotelrivarolo.it/en
    For this choice you need to have your own transportation to Damanhur (11 km's) or we can arrange transportantion (extra costs).
    There are more hotels available
  • Damanhur also has a very special B&B, the “Abaton”, which is a modern and comfortable grouping of five rooms strategically annexed to the Temples of Humankind and Sacred Woods Temple. The space is reminiscent of rooms in the back of the temples in ancient Greece, such as Asclepios, where patients slept and received inspired dreams. Guests at Abaton can experience both inner pilgrimage and sacred sleep. Each room is specifically prepared for lucid dreaming, inspiration and intuition.
    Double or twin room with private bathroom, 120 Euro per night. Single room with private bathroom 90 Euro per night. Breakfast is included. To book at the Abaton it is mandatory to have done the complete visit of the Temples of Humankind.
    You are up on the mountain and need to get down every day for the program, except for the activities in the Temples and sacred forest. For this choice you need to have your own transportation to get up and down, or we can arrange transportantion (extra costs)

  • There are a few rooms on the Damanhur territory with own bathroom, connected to one of the houses on the territory. Please ask for prices and availability for these
  • If you wish to camp in the area, contact us for nearby available options 


Costs food and drink

Meals are not included, except for wednessday the lunch is included.
I will arrange dinners (optional) as much as possible in the communities and otherwise we will eat in local restaurants. Calculate € 15, - average for dinner. There is usually an extensive lunch buffet available in Damanhur for an average of € 10, - but you can also choose to have a sandwich in the organic shop. Or have lunch in Damanhur café with warm food. Another possibility is also to have a lunch buffet and to have a sandwich in the evening.


About the guide

During the trip you will be accompanied by Lucy Schaaphok. Lucy is closely connected to Damanhur and lives in The Netherlands. She works together with Damanhur and studies at Damanhur School of Meditation. Lucy has been in Damanhur since 2004 and knows a lot about this place, knows a lot of people and nice places in the area.


Cancellation and Refunds

There is a non-refundable €150 cancellation charge until the registration deadline of June 20 2018. Written cancellation is required to process a refund. There are no refunds after this date. Although unlikely, the retreat may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If cancelled, the entire amount paid will be refunded within fourteen days after cancellation occurs. We are not responsible for any other costs incurred including costs related to the purchase and cancellation of airline tickets or other travel reservations. We are not liable for any airline cancellation penalty incurred by the purchase of non-refundable tickets, nor are they liable for cancelled flights.


Itinerary or Program Modifications

While every effort will be made to carry out the programme as planned, the programme is subject to modification and change.


More information


Damanhur is located in Valchiusella ("the valley of the Chiusella River"), near the towns of Vidracco and Baldissero Canavese in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. It is 40 km (25 miles) northeast of Turin and 15 km (10 miles) from Ivrea

Car Rental:

We recommend having a vehicle to access Damanhur’s various territories, which span more than 10km (about 6 miles) throughout the Valchiusella Valley. Be sure to rent a car with a GPS and set it to the Welcome Office at Via Pramarzo 3, Baldissero Canavese, 10080. Parking is available at Damjl and Damanhur Crea.

Public Transportation: 

From Turin Airport, take a shuttle bus or taxi to Turin Central Train Station, then catch a train to Ivrea. From Ivrea, take a bus or a taxi to Baldissero Canavese. Taxi fare from Ivrea to Damanhur is about 30 euro.

From Milan Malpensa Airport, take a shuttle bus to Milan Central Train Station, then catch a train to Ivrea. From Ivrea, take a bus or a taxi to Baldissero Canavese. Taxi fare from Ivrea to Damanhur is about 30 euro. 

NOTE: The bus service from Ivrea does not operate on a consistent schedule, and there are only three trips per day. It may take several hours to arrive to Damanhur.


Synchronicity and more

Because of the synchronic lines running throught the area, energies can be more strong even if you might not feel it. If there are emotion on the surface, they come out more often but also synchronic ecents happen more often.

Damanhur ls a place where change is constant so we would like you to be flexible: things can happen and surprise you. Lot's of times we get presents like a community organising a party or an extra event in the forest. You never know!
So it is good to have an open attitudes to all the things that happen with you during this program.

Damanhur believes very strong in the power of the group. With the group you are much stronger and there are more opportunities to grow than by yourself. People can be mirrors for you. A great way to transform. We have created the program but Lucy always looks at the needs of the group. Some people like to spend time lone when there is no program, other people love to do things together, also when there is no program. Everything is fine.
Please always tell Lucy what your needs are and if things are not working out for you.


The program will be in English. For people who speak Dutch we can translate things for you if you don't understand explanations. Your English doesn't have to be perfect.


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